3 Points to Remember for Mass Gain

In the present scenario,obesity is prevalent in every part of the world. Most of the people find it difficult to leave the couch and for them it is impossible to hit the gymnasium. In order to succeed in your muscle gain endeavors. If you work out continuouslyfor long hours and do it every day, then it could harm your body than doing good. If you are really working hard and not getting desired results, then this is the right time to slow down your workout. Let us find out why you need to take a rest and consider your recover time to get the same results you want. Have a word with your physical trainer about the Pre-Contest cycle results.

The length of your workout

Many people ask that how long they need to lift the weights. I have seen many people working out for hours. Actually, they are misinformed that working out for long durations will enhance the muscle size. The fact is that optimal time for workout is somewhere between 40 to 60 minutes for your body. This is the time in with your testosterone level is high and HGH is released by your body. If you work out more than this, it puts a check on the release of hormones.


Overtraining is not just a concept, it is real and many gym members are affected by this. They fall in this category in the quest of getting fast gains.

An ideal a workout plan is designed keeping in mind rest days between every strength training sessions. If you work out your biceps on Monday, then give it two days rest and perform the same exercises on Thursday. This way you can target the same muscle groups two times a week. Sometimes your body is recovered within 24 hours and sometimes it requires more time. Resting for 72 hours is ideal for both the cases.

How to find out that you are overtraining

If you are consistently using heavy weights for training, you may face the underwritten issues.

  • Many times, you find it difficult to finish your workout.
  • The body fat is increasing even when you are exercising hard.
  • You are using heavy weights, but despite that your muscle size is not increasing.
  • You are working out every day.
  • You find problem in sleeping.
  • You may have minimized your rest time.
  • Recently you have noticed that your joints and muscles hurt more.
  • You are getting sick quite often


It is essential to let your body recover from strength training. As I have mentioned above that you need to rest for proper muscle growth. Rest is like a medicine and you can enhance the quality of your recovery with a couple of other things. Discuss Pre-Contest cycle results with your trainer.

Sleep:When you are sleeping, your hormonal level is at peak. That is why it is essential to take at least eight hours of quality sleep every day.

Nutrition: protein is required to build muscle, include carbohydrates in your post workout meal. This is the time when your body is in need of fuel the most.