9 Fun Ways to Spend Summer Vacations with your Kid

Parents and kids are equally busy these days. Quite obviously, the summer vacation is an important time for the entire family. If you are looking for ways to spend the vacations with your kids, we have nine ideas that may come handy.

  1. Go hiking. As a parent, you should introduce your child to real nature early in life, and what can be more fun than a hiking trip? You can spend every weekend, discovering a new destination that can also help with your bonding.

  1. Plan a long road trip. Driving with kids is always fun, as you get the space and time to interact and share ideas and views about life. Road trips that start without a fixed destination is like a journey, and there are so many things to learn along the way.

  1. Learn an instrument together. If your kid is interested in music, you might want to learn an instrument together in the summer. Guitar, ukulele, piano or anything that makes sense can be your pick, as long as you have a good teacher.

  1. Enjoy cooking. Many kids are interested in cooking, and it can be an interesting activity for the entire family. You can use the BBQ grill outdoors and try a few new recipes, or can even teach your kid to bake – the options are many.

  1. Book a summer camp. Summer camps are ideal for kids who want to learn things from experts and fellow children. Fitness by the Sea offers some amazing choices for different interests, and you can also come along for a few activities.

  1. Work with a NGO. Empathy is one of the basic and necessary human emotions. Take your child to an orphanage or any charitable organization, where she/he can see the other side of life. You can also take part in volunteering activities.

  1. Plan weekend picnics. If you don’t have the time for a road trip, a picnic away from the main city is always a good idea. You can include other neighboring families, and the entire group can have a great time somewhere by the sea or in the woods.

  1. Take up a DIY project. How about making a tree house this summer? There are endless ideas for DIY projects, and everything can be done in budget. Talk to your child to know more about his or her immediate interests, and you can do something that’s fun and purposeful at the same time.

  1. Plan a long extended trip. For obvious reasons, this is a good idea. If you are unsure of making time for the rest of the year, spend the summers with your kids somewhere away from the maddening crowds. This can be a perfect mix of vacationing and family time.

If you intend to take your child to a summer camp or somewhere else for a special activity, it is best to book spots in advance. Summer camps, in particular, are often filled fast, and you might not find the activity of your kid’s choice at the last minute.