A Good Mesothelioma Specialist Is the Only Way to Increase Your Survival Chances

Mesothelioma is a rare disease. There are many oncologists who have not even treated one case of mesothelioma throughout their careers. In fact, very few know how to properly diagnose the disease. In such a situation, as a patient your best hope if to find a mesothelioma specialist. Only a doctor, whose expertise is especially in treating mesothelioma cancer, can help you take control of your prognosis and recommend promising treatment options.

Well, since the disease is rare, and so are its specialist doctors, it can be really difficult to find a good one. However, if you know how to start with your search, you will surely find a reliable mesothelioma specialist. Go through the tips and points given below, as it will help you narrow your list and finally find the right doctor.

Short listing mesothelioma specialist 

Experience and Knowledge: These are the two most important points to consider while looking for a mesothelioma specialist. As the disease is rare, you certainly don’t want a doctor who hardly sees a mesothelioma case. Try to shortlist some doctors who extensively work on mesothelioma cases and are well known to provide accurate diagnosis and prognosis.

While short listing, try to find answers to the below mentioned questions:

  • Does the doctor have enough years of experience?
  • Does the doctor have a well-equipped facility and a helpful staff?
  • Does the doctor take part in clinical trials?
  • Does the doctor have proper certifications?

When you are diagnosed with mesothelioma, you cannot rely on the diagnosis of a general oncologist, but will need guidance from a special mesothelioma group like Mesothelioma Help Cancer Organization. Even if you are consulting a reputed and good oncologist, there are chances that they might not be aware of all the up-to-date treatment options and medications concerning to mesothelioma. In simple words, relying on a specialist is your best bet. Ask the following questions about the doctor you are planning to consult.

  • Is the doctor a mesothelioma specialist?
  • Does the doctor know treatments of all the stages of mesothelioma?
  • Will the doctor be able to adjust treatment options as per the advancement in the cancer conditions?

Quality and Facilities of the Cancer Center:

While selecting a specialist, you cannot neglect the quality of the facility he/she works with. It is said, that a doctor is only as good as the type of tools and techniques he/she works with. So, when you visit the short listed doctors, try to find as much about their cancer facility as possible.

This is especially important if you are recommended to go under a surgery. Nevertheless, along with a good surgical team, you definitely want all the latest tools and equipments around. A good cancer facility will be able to provide effective treatment for mesothelioma including – radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgery. Click to know more about Mesothelioma Cancer.


You are already going through a lot, and therefore definitely need someone understanding around. Try to find a doctor with whom you feel comfortable and have contenting discussions. While your first visit, if you were able to communicate with the doctor well and felt a comfortable connection, then you need to look no more.

Keep in mind that finding a mesothelioma specialist is your only way to survive the condition. If you will go through the success stories of other mesothelioma patients, you will surely find that they all give credit to their oncologists and surgeons.