All about Dental Implant Surgery that you should know

In case, you were missing a tooth or couple of teeth, you would require consultation with a reliable and reputed dentist for dental implant procedure. It would be pertinent to mention that dental implant would be your best bet for all kinds of missing tooth or teeth replacement needs. During the initial consultation, the dentist would examine the mouth closely. They would like to know about the medical history in order to determine whether dental implants are deemed possible and helpful to the patient or not.

Treat most kinds of tooth loss

Usually, dental implants have been known to treat most kinds of tooth loss. However, there have been occasions when other available options would be preferred. A good dentist would carry out careful assessment before recommending treatment for dental implants. They would recommend implant treatment only if the need arises and it is deemed suitable to you. Only after you approve, the dentist would start with the dental implant procedure. The dentist would start taking x-rays, CT scan, photographs and dental impressions to begin the treatment. Despite it seeming a lot, you should be rest assured that the dentist should be aware of minute details when conducting actual surgery. The precise location of dental implant and the right size would be of great importance to the dentist. Moreover, it would ensure that you come out of the surgery in a quick and comfortable manner. 

What happens in an actual surgery?

Contrary to popular belief, the actual surgery would not take more than an hour. Local anaesthesia would be helpful in completing the treatment in a successful and quick manner. However, in event of you being nervous, you could talk to your dentist to help you provide with additional sedation. It would be pertinent to mention here that best dentist would make you comfortable and relaxed at all times.

However, in event of you requiring multiple dental implants, it could take slightly longer time and additional sedation. After the implants have been properly placed, they should be left to heal. They would integrate within the jawbone, which might take approximately three weeks.

Correct care of dental implant

Appropriate care of your dental implants has been deemed important for long lasting oral health. The dentist would be able to help you provide adequate and appropriate information on various kinds of methods for correct upkeep of dental implants. You could gather additional information from