Dental Implants as a New Prosthetic Option

Teeth are very important for any human being to lead his life comfortably. Teeth are very important for the functions of chewing food, giving the best smile to the person, increasing the personality of an individual and overall affecting the quality of the person’s life. In older times, people were least bothered about their teeth. They used to have so poor oral hygiene, mobile teeth because of loss of the bony structure supporting the teeth and ultimately teeth came out of their own because of loss of support but in this modern era people have become more conscious about their oral health.

Even if they have some missing teeth in their mouth, they want it to be replaced by artificial teeth known as prosthesis in scientific terms. This change is because of a concept that has inculcated in the people that what is the use of earning money if one cannot chew the food properly which is one of the basic human need for which a person earns.

Options for teeth replacement

Nowadays with the development in the field of dentistry and more of experiments going on in medical and dental field, many options are available for the replacement of the missing teeth.

First of them is removable denture. Removable denture is made up of artificial material simulating both the teeth and gums because of their color. They are placed in the area of missing teeth and are supported by wires. These can be removed by the patient himself whenever he wishes to and this type of prosthesis just provides esthetics but is not good for chewing food.

Second option is a fixed bridge like prosthesis. In this type of prosthesis, the adjacent teeth of the missing teeth area are made smaller and crowns are placed over those teeth supporting the artificial teeth in missing teeth area. This kind of prosthesis is better than the removable one as it provides good look as well as can be used efficiently to chew food. But the only disadvantage of this type is that it works only till the adjacent teeth supporting this prosthesis are healthy.

Third and most recent option of tooth replacement is dental implants. This is one of the best options as it does not take support from adjacent teeth but there is a titanium screw which is fixed in the bone and tooth is formed over this screw. This is the best option for tooth replacement and is available at implants dentaires près de Montréal.