Dermal Fillers And What To Expect

There are too many people today who think that getting a procedure such as Botox or dermal fillers will magically make you look 20 again. Well, here you will see what you can and should not expect if you decide to get dermal fillers. This is very important for those who are thinking of having this procedure done.

When you are ready to go for this procedure, make sure that you choose a good clinic as well; for example, check out and their services if you are in the area, or talk to your local clinic instead.

For a more youthful appearance consider having dermal fillers

What to expect:

  1. Expect your skin to feel smoother, fuller and plumper.

The dermal fillers, like Radiesse and Juvederm, are created from the filler agents (calcium hydroxylapatite or hyaluronic acid, which will help will in the wrinkles, and that results in having smoother and plumper skin that looks much more youthful.

  1. Results are seen immediately.

Unlike with some other procedures, there is not really a lot of time that you will have to wait until you can see results of this procedure. Usually, the downtime is quite low and it has almost no side effects as you can expect from other procedures that can cause irritation, redness and similar issues. Instead of this, expect to see immediate results.

  1. Soften and fill the loss of volume.

The nasolabial fold, such as the two frames that show when you smile and frame your mouth, vertical lines on the chin and between the eyebrows can be softened by Dermal fillers. In addition, these fillers are quite good if you want to make your lips look plumper.

What not to expect:

  1. They are not that cheap and do not last forever.

While dermal fillers are one of the cheaper alternatives that do a great job, the prices always depend on the clinic and the doctor. If you are interested in the overall cost, you can check out the cost of dermal fillers in Melbourne done by Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne or your trusted local clinic.In addition, this procedure will not last forever, and the results can usually be seen for a year, but be prepared to expect them to last for about four months.

Dermal fillers could help you get rid of fine lines and wrinkles

  1. Dermal fillers cannot lift seriously sagging skin on the face.

Just like it was already mentioned, this is not a magical procedure that will make you look young, especially if you have a lot of sagging skin on your face. In this case, your doctor might suggest you try a different procedure.

Dermal fillers are meant for people who want to correct their sagging skin a little bit and get rid of fine lines. If you have excessive sagging, a better approach is to try a combination of procedures that your doctor will recommend.

  1. Worse results come with an unlicensed practitioner.

Just as you should not take the cheaper way out, you should not have this procedure done by a doctor who does not have his license to do so. This will be shown on the results of your procedure, so make sure to choose a reputable doctor and clinic.

Final word

If you are noticing that your skin started to sag and look a bit old, maybe it is time to consider some of the given procedures that can make your skin look much better, and one of them are the dermal fillers. Just make sure to explore other options with your doctor before blindly choosing just any procedure.