Dos and don’ts of plastic surgery – Expert advice from cosmetic surgeons

The toughest part of deciding whether or not you should undergo cosmetic surgery is the fear of the unknown. This has come from a facial plastic surgery team; one of the most vital responsibilities is to ensure that each patient knows what they should expect at each step through the process of plastic surgery. Any surgery can get complicated if you don’t take seriously the steps recommended by the doctor.

Just as any other surgery, plastic surgery might also come with different risks and challenges. If you’re scared about the dos and don’ts that are associated with undergoing plastic surgery, the points mentioned below are there to help you out.

#1: DO set realistic and believable expectations

You might be eager to have a nose like Kim Kardashian or lips like Angelina Jolie but if you nurture the notion that you will definitely end up looking like a celebrity, you’re grossly mistaken. You will look exactly like the way you look and it may not happen that Angelina’s lips look great on you. Hence no matter how skilful your plastic surgeon will be, you may not get your dream look. So, you have to maintain realistic expectations about plastic surgery.

#2: Try to retain a healthy BMI before undergoing surgery

If you want to undergo plastic surgery to get a new figure, you should ensure maintaining a healthy weight before going for the surgery. In case there are fluctuations in your weight post surgery, this can lead to an unpredicted change to your volume which can adversely impact the end-results of the surgery. For the same reason, you should maintain a good weight as this can heighten the results of the surgery.

#3: Do be watchful while taking a shower after your surgery

Be sure enough to take a shower before undergoing the surgery and during the morning of the surgery. When you wash your body with soap, this minimizes the occurence of bacteria that lies on your skin, thereby reducing the risk of infection. If you shower on the day following the day of the surgery, you can maintain clean and dry incisions. Don’t scrub the incision as this can harm the area very badly.

#4: Take appropriate time-off from work

Although they say that it is possible to get back to work just after one weekend of surgery, the majority of plastic surgery patients choose to take 1or 2 weeks off from work. Once the first week is over, the bandages and stitches will vanish but the entire process might take 2 weeks to be totally ready.

Now that you know the dos and don’ts of plastic surgery, what are you waiting for? You can take a look at to get help of the best cosmetic surgeon.