Few Questions That You Can Ask Your Podiatrist If You Are Diabetic

People who are diabetic should never ignore their feet, as it is also part of the diabetes management plan. Also, for your overall health plan, it is necessary to take proper care of your foot. In case you are suffering from diabetes, the foot related complications are very common and their treatments are also quite costly. Even a small injury or cut can take serious turn if you are negligent about it.

Therefore, such patients must meet podiatrist at least once in a year for examination and evaluation of the condition of the feet. If your risk factor is larger then you must see the podiatrist more often. You may also visit the website piedreseau.com to know the help and support that you can get from a podiatrist. You must also have few concerns and questions before vising your doctor and therefore don’t hesitate to ask during your next visit.

Following are few questions that you must surely ask when you visit a Podiatrist.

  1. What should I do to prevent any kind of complication in my foot?

Doctors can provide few tips so that you can prevent any kind of foot complication. Few suggestions like below should be necessary for maintenance of feet.

  1. Must wear proper socks and shoe while going out
  2. Monitor your temperature
  • Check regularly your blood sugar level

Also, depending upon your present condition, the podiatrist may suggest you few more things too.

  1. How my monitoring of temperature can protect my feet?

According to statistics available about 87 per cent cases of amputation or foot ulcers can be prevented with regular temperature monitoring. There are diabetic socks that uses certain technology to prevent nerve damage for diabetic patients. These socks have built-in sensors to monitor the temperature of the feet. Therefore, you must wear such socks and regularly know the condition of your feet.

  1. How often should I visit?

Based on your diabetic condition and also the condition of your feet the doctor will decide the frequency of visit.

  1. What basic care that I need to take everyday to protect my feet?

Besides wearing socks, doctor may suggest you few more checks for your feet which depends upon person to person.

  1. What should I do if any problem is noticed?

It is important to know what action you can take at your end if any kind of problem occurs with your feet.