Five Main Reasons to Experience Toothaches

A toothache is a throbbing or sharp pain in the tooth. It can be caused by many factors and can be treated by a qualified dentist. Severe toothaches can result in swelling around the tooth earaches, headaches, unpleasant odor from the mouth and fevers. It is important to a see a dentist immediately if you experience excruciating pain or any of these symptoms. Your doctor will suggest the right treatment including implant dentaire if necessary. Aside from nerve irritation, a toothache can happen because of the following reasons.

Serious Dental Infections

An example of a serious dental infection is dental abscess. This can result in the swelling of the area around a tooth and this can be deadly. This type of infection takes place if a person neglects his teeth and gums for a long time. This disease starts with a decay that tends to worsen over time. The decaying teeth’s bacteria cause serious toothaches and impact the rest of the body. And because the bacteria can travel from the mouth into the blood and heart, the person may experience some cardiac issues.

Wisdom Teeth

Those who already have their wisdom teeth know how painful it is to get them. If the back of the mouth doesn’t have enough space for the wisdom tooth, the latter will push other teeth closer together to give itself some space. In some cases, the wisdom tooth may not emerge. This can lead to serious toothaches and often requires surgery in order to fix the issue.

Gum Disease

Because the gum supports and secures the tooth in place, a gum problem can also cause some toothaches. A gum disease occurs if the bacteria build up in and around the gums, causing pockets which force away the gums from the tooth. This serious oral issue can result in a tooth loss. Thus, a visit to a dentist is a must to determine what causes the pain and obtain proper treatment.

Serious Tooth Decay

Poor oral hygiene can lead to tooth decay because of bacteria buildup in the mouth. A big amount of tooth decay can make the tooth weak as the bacteria make their way to the tooth’s enamel, causing extreme pain.

Chipped Tooth

The enamel can wear down over time, making it sensitive to tiny cracks which can grow bigger with time. A tooth that is chipped, cracked or fractured can lead to severe toothache. It is imperative to see a dentist to prevent further tooth breakage and make the condition worse.