How Holistic Dentistry Can Help Keep Your Mouth Magnificent

There is no doubt that the mouth and the body are intimately connected. How your oral health is can dictate a whole host of other bodily functions, including sleep, metabolism, brain health and heart health. For centuries a person’s teeth have proven a key indicator of their health in general, that’s why it’s so important to stay on top of oral health.

Holistic dental practices are a great way to keep the contents of your mouth in check. To find out more about what it is, check out, or read on for a more general overview.

Holistic Dentistry

A holistic dentist takes a broader approach to your oral health, extending from your mouth to your body in general. For them, it’s the whole picture of your body and your mind that the focus falls upon, with your teeth following suit when you make big strides to get everything else in check.

This approach to health seeks to fix problems at the source rather than the surface, taking a broader look at your health habits and lifestyle and seeking to make recommendations where possible. To most holistic dental practitioners the following advice is key.


Flossing is something that comes highly recommended when it comes to taking care of your teeth. Whether you choose flossing sticks or dental floss, the practice of flossing at least once a day can really heap benefits on your overall oral health and only really requires a steadfast commitment as it is otherwise very inexpensive. Flossing ensures you get what is stuck between your teeth out before it becomes a part of a grander problem.

Dietary Alteration

Taking a good look at your diet and what you’re fueling your body with is, as it is for overall health, just as critical when it comes to looking after your oral health. Bad nutrition won’t only affect your immune system and open you up to the risk of developing disease and illness but it can also ravage your teeth and cause issues beyond that extend into digestion.

First things first, cut out sugar or drastically reduce it. Foods high in it have a general acidic effect on your teeth, breaking them down and exposing you to bacteria and other infectious agents. Chewy foods getting stuck between your teeth can also cause issues so make sure you get plenty of the good stuff, including fresh fruit and vegetables and try and eliminate sodas and sweets which can really wreak havoc.

Biocompatibility Testing

As every individual has unique genetic makeup, biocompatibility testing can provide a key way to give a holistic dentist a lot of information about your body and what is and isn’t working for you, health wise.

That might mean identifying particular nutritional deficiencies or allergies and then working hard to address those problems. Once that information has been retrieved and established, you’ll have a greater sense of how better to take care of yourself and a holistic dentist can then refer you on to cosmetic dentists, restorative dentists and preventive treatments should further assistance be required.

Taking care of your teeth really doesn’t have to be difficult. A holistic dentist can help set your mind at ease.