How Is An Enhancer System Used To Hide Hair Loss?

Hair loss affects many women and they can often be too embarrassed to speak up about their condition. This means that the issue needs to be handled sensitively by a hair loss clinic.

You can find lots of different clinics in your local area. After you have booked an appointment for female hair loss treatment, the hair loss specialists will hold a preliminary meeting to decide what they are going to do about your hair loss.

There are a couple of approaches that they can take:

  • Hair Extensions
  • Hair Enhancement Treatment

The Hair Enhancement Treatment

Using a hair enhancer provides a long-term solution to the problems that are caused by hair loss. This is not a complicated process and it will be explained to you in detail before anything is done. This helps you to understand what is going to happen and it will also put your mind completely at ease.

The hair enhancement can then begin. It is not going to take a long time and it is not going to cost you a large amount of money in the long-term. The process will be handled by fully-trained professionals so you are in capable hands at every moment. Here is the process:

  • The mesh is placed over the scalp and then it is fitted. The hairdresser at the clinic is going to make sure that the mesh has not slipped out of place before they go onto the next stage.
  • Hair is then fed through the mesh and secured into place. Your existing hair will then combine with the extensions.
  • The hair will be combed into place so that the mesh frame covering your scalp has been completely covered.
  • The hair will then be styled in any way that you want it by the highly-trained hairdresser.

What Are The Benefits Of This Enhancement System?

There are several benefits to the enhancement system. The mesh is going to blend in with the hair so that nobody will notice that you have undergone hair replacement treatment. The enhancer is going to last for an extremely long time and it will not need to be replaced at all. You can also have the hair washed and styled at any time without worrying that you are going to cause any harm at all.


Hair loss can be solved with a simple enhancer system. The mesh fits comfortably onto your scalp and it is not going to be visible at all. The hair on the mesh can be styled in any way that you want it. The hair will look completely natural, and you will get lots of compliments from people who believe that it is your real head.  

The hair enhancement system will be checked after a number of months to make sure that it is still comfortable and it is still providing you with the proper coverage that you wanted in the first place. You are not going to have to spend a lot of money to have this treatment performed.