Modded Vaping Device

When you look at someone vaping it’s easy to mistake the clouds for harmful cigarette smoke. In fact, vape clouds can look even ore menacing if the vaper is vapinf with a modded vaping device. After all what’s the difference between smoke and vapour since they look so similar? Looks aside you’re soon going to discover how very different they are. It’s certainly a case of going beyond mere surface impressions and appreciating how vaping is the true unmatched alternative to smoking.

It’s All In The Composition

Let’s talk about the familiar culprit first. Cigarettes are bad news through and through as everybody knows. Cigarette smoke is made up thousands of seriously dangerous chemicals, and among these about 70 have been proven to cause cancer. Deadly poisons like ammonia and cyanide are unavoidable when you light up a cigarette. Tar and carbon monoxide are also present in cigarette smoke and are regarded as extremely detrimental to one’s health.

If that’s not sufficient discouragement for you, studies have shown that tobacco absorbs radioactive material from fertilizer as it’s grown. This ends up inside your cigarette and eventually finds its way inside your lungs. Over time who knows what potential harms you may incur from deliberate radioactive self-exposure? Smoking is deadly, enough said.

The same cannot be said about the vapor produced from e-cigs and vaping devices in vogue today. What is Vapor? The name says it all really. In simple terms vapor is very much like steam totally removed from cigarette smoke. The basic science of how vaping devices create vapor is no different to when you boil water in your kettle for a cup of coffee. Water when it reaches the right temperature transforms into a gaseous state known as water vapour.

An E-cigarette’s atomizer is tasked with the job of heating up e-liquid which comprises Flavoring, a mixture of VG and PG, Nicotine, and of course water. This is turned into vapor which you can easily inhale in order to experience the flavour, and, depending your requirements, feel stimulated by nicotine if it’s present. What you exhale consists mainly of water vapour since your lungs absorb the essence of the e-liquid you’re using.

So there’s little chance of bystanders being exposed to nicotine even if you’re getting it, quite unlike the secondary smoke issue with cigarettes. There is nothing poisonous nor harmful in the vapor you exhale, in fact it’s rather pleasant smelling compared to cigarette smoke.

‘Vapor’ is not actually smoke, so it’s completely free of carbon monoxide which is typically generated from the act of burning tobacco in cigarettes. With vaping there’s also never any kind of flame being produced, hence no smoke, and finally never any ash to dispose of.

With vaping it can be said that you get all the things you crave from smoking a cigarette without the smoke. And remember there are e-liquids which contain little nicotine if any at all. So vaping is the beneficial stepping stone to giving up nicotine addiction altogether. You no longer have to worry about the awful stench left behind by cigarette smoke. In fact vaping is a pleasure you can indulge in without all the hassles people hate about smoking