Pregnancy Week by Week – Keeping Track of Unborn Baby

Are you wondering how to track the growth or development of unborn baby? The pregnancy week by week calendars as well as tracking tools can help. In addition, you will be able to understand signs or symptoms of different stages of pregnancy. It is straight forward to track baby’s development or growth using pregnancy guides or calendars.

The unborn baby grows on a daily basis. However, the changes can be tracked in a week’s time. The entire period of pregnancy comprises of 40 weeks that are grouped into three trimesters. The pregnancy calendars enable you know how the unborn baby looks like based on week-by-week information. In case you have noticed something is not right, you will be able to seek medical help swiftly.

First Trimester

This trimester covers the first week to the 14th week of pregnancy. The first two weeks give information of what is supposed to happen after conception. For instance, the fertilization of the egg by sperm. During the third week, fertilized egg undergoes metamorphosis process that converts it to embryo. During the 5th week, the embryo start developing major organs. In short, this is the week the embryo is converted to a baby.

The heart of the baby start beating during 6th week. And in 7th week, the baby’s size is doubled. The sex of the baby can be determined in 9th week. The embryo is transformed into a small baby in 10th week. By 14th week, one of the healthy symptoms of pregnancy is manifested. That is, darkening as well as enlarging of the nipples.

Second Trimester

This trimester covers 15th to 26th week. At week 15, the baby is able to move feet, lips and head. This is when you will start experiencing frequent urination because of the upward movement of the baby. This happens on 16th week. At 17th week, the baby is able to suck, blink and swallow. The nerve cells increase and the body of the baby is able to reflex quicker. At 20th week, the baby is able to sleep and wake up regularly. During 24th week, the heartbeat of the baby can be heard. The brain wave activity for eyes and ears begin before the end of this trimester.

Third Trimester

The pregnancy week by week of this trimester starts from 27th week and ends at child birth. The baby increase movements at 27th week. By 29th week, the baby develops sense of taste, smell and sound. By 34th week, the baby starts to develop complex immune system. In most cases, babies are born during this week. One of the common healthy pregnancy symptoms during this period is labor pains. The baby is born by the end of 40th week but in some cases, it may extend by two weeks.


It is always important to keep updating yourself on pregnancy week by week details in order to track baby’s development and various signs of pregnancy. If you notice any complications, you will be able to seek medical advice immediately.