Rexobol results and side effects

Rexobol is a name to the drug of Stanozolol. The drug was produced in 1962 for treating angiodema initially. The drug has frequently been used by bodybuilding athletes. The drug is produced by Alpha Pharma Healthcare. The way to obtain this drug is through a prescription. You need to monitor the usage according to reaction and side effects.


Winstrol or Rexobol comes in different forms. You can get injectable form of Rexogin, but the tablets are more commonly used. Rexobol 10mg reviews are as common as their availability, along with the 50 mg dosages too. The tablets are sold in the pack of 50 and the price 10 mg tablets would be around $21. The injections are expensive and the tablet form is sufficient for producing desired results. It is easy to use accurate dosages with tablets.

The benefits of Rexobol are muscle strength, lean muscles and better muscle definition. The drug gives a dramatic increase in muscle mass, and the results are because of the ability to cut fat and retain lean muscle mass. As long as you take steroids the muscle tissues will respond, and become more defined. Their strength will also be optimized with time. As Rexobol is used as a part of the cycle, it is important to maintain other portions of its program. It is essential to maintain the constant schedule for enhancing and supporting the overall effect.

Rexobol is used for cutting cycles and steroid cuts water gains and leaves muscles dry. You can take it with or without food as per athlete’s preference. You have to take it with a full glass of water. It is essential that the user doesn’t exceed 50 mg per day. It is important to take the drug according to a strict schedule. Fluctuating from the set schedule can cause the drug to be less effective and give results that are not prominent.

Side Effects

Rexobol is known to give you many side effects. If the drugs are taken in a high quantity, it can lead to severe conditions. Even if you take the drug in optimal dosage, you have to known the side effects. The common side effects are, swelling in the arms, legs, feet, and hands, followed by allergic reaction that seem like anaphylaxis and compromises on your breathing. Some men have erection problems as well. These conditions are problematic and must be reported to a doctor. Some effects that are not as harsh as these are voice chances, hoarseness, pattern baldness, more hair on face, insomnia, headache, changes in libido, and decrease in sex drive.

You must note that all the side effects can happen from Rexobol, and that is as per the Rexobol 10mg reviews. However, if you discontinue the usage, you might gain back to the normalcy of your body. Consuming the drug at the least of the amount is not bag, but not being cautious at all levels is bad. Be careful about your dosages and follow the right forums for information.