Some Thought-Provoking Things You Didn’t Know About Your Muscles and How to Boost Your Workout Routine

In light of the latest Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines published by the Department of Health, it’s important to note that nearly three out of every four Australians are neglecting their health and avoiding the fundamental necessity of semi-frequent exercise.

To shed some light on this unseemly trend, this brief report will expound the primary reasons as to why Australians dislike exercising and underscore the most applicable way to safely supplement your workout efforts, but let’s first take a minute to describe the biological makeup of your muscles.

Attention-Grabbing Facts about Your Muscles

Apart from giving you some ammunition to entertain your colleagues with interesting trivia, the following bits of information will help give you a fuller understanding of your musculoskeletal system, which is imperative for you to be able to personalise and enhance your exercise regimen:

  • Believe it or not, babies are actually born with all of the same muscular tissues as adults, but a newborn’s fibres are obviously underdeveloped and noticeably smaller.
  • The phenomenon of muscle memory is closely related the concept of “plateauing” in terms of muscle building. Your body will adapt to repeated exercises, which is why you have to progressively escalate the intensity of your training sessions to attain desirable results.
  • An individual that remains sedentary for 90 days will lose roughly 30% of his or her muscular potency, while a person that habitually lifts weights or performs cardiovascular exercises across 90 days will experience a 55% surge in strength. This means your body develops muscular tissue much faster with exercise than it loses muscle mass due to lethargy.

Additionally, a recent study also determined that your body contains a hereditary collection of “satellite cells” that affect how quickly your muscles restore and rebuild after workout drills. The key is to activate these cells in a natural manner.

The Secret to Maximising Your Muscle Building Strategy

Shown below are the top three reasons why Australians capitulate to their workout routines according to a myriad of national surveys and polls:

  1. An inability to actually commit to a prolonged exercise plan.
  2. A complete lack of motivation, energy, and incentive.
  1. Results aren’t coming as quickly as you hoped they would.

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