What Is A 12-Step Program?

When you talk about rehabs in Florida, the conversation will inevitably move towards the idea of a 12-step program. While most people have heard of a 12-step program, very few people know what the term actually means. A 12-step program is a treatment method for substance abuse that utilizes a variety of options, including pharmaceuticals. Before you get involved in a 12-step program, it is important to know what it is and how it is put together.

What Is A 12-Step Program

The traditional 12-step program is based on several methods for building self-confidence while battling the causes of addiction. Over the years, the 12-step program has helped many people to beat addiction and stay clean for a very long time. In recent years, treatment facilities have looked at how 12 steps rehab programs help for substance abuse and have put their own spin on the program.

The Basics Of A 12-Step Program

The original 12-step program was introduced by Alcoholics Anonymous in 1938. It is made up of 12 virtues that the patient uses every day to help combat their addiction. The basic premise of a 12-step program is that the patient is unable to conquer their addiction alone and requires help to reach their goals. The patient is encouraged to focus on their version of a higher power, turn the direction of their life over to that higher power and then take a daily inventory of the progress they have made.

Contrary to popular belief, the 12-step program is not a religious program. In some programs, patients are encouraged to be accountable to themselves and treat themselves as though they were the supreme power in their lives. While some church groups have created their own versions of the 12-step program, groups such as AA always point out that the process is not, and should not be, religious.

How To Expand On The 12-Step Program

The 12-step program very much relies on peer support and personal will power to beat addiction. But there are other aspects of treatment that should be part of the 12-step program, and many treatment centers add those elements to make their programs more complete. For example, some 12-step programs include pharmaceutical help to beat the physical effects of addiction. This can make the 12-step process more powerful and help the patient to attain better results.

Many treatment centers weave their 12-step programs into full treatment regimens that include individual counseling, medical monitoring and other treatment options that make a 12-step program more complete. At the core of all of these treatment programs is the 12-step program, but adding in these other options helps to customize the process for each patient and make it more effective.

Expanding The Effectiveness Of The 12-Step Program

After many successful decades of helping people to beat alcohol abuse, many treatment facilities started to use the 12-step approach in other areas of treatment. Once again, AA lead the way with this when they implemented a 12-step approach for their sister organization, Narcotics Anonymous. When the 12-step approach proved to be effective with helping people recover from narcotics abuse, it was quickly implemented in other areas of treatment.

Today, people suffering from bulimia, anorexia, gambling and other issues that incite compulsive behavior are getting help through the 12-step process. By adding in treatment options that would work specifically for the patient, a treatment center can use the framework of the 12-step process to help a person get beyond substance abuse and get healthy again.

Is The 12-Step Program For Everyone?

With all of the misconceptions available about the 12-step program, it is easy to understand why so many people feel that it might not work for them. You do not need to be suffering from alcohol abuse or religious to benefit from a 12-step program. Even with its versatility, the process used by the 12-step program may not work for everyone, and that is fine. But the one truth is that you do not know if the 12-step program will work for you until you try it. Anyone who is suffering from substance abuse should at least try the 12-step program before they dismiss it.

The 12-step program has evolved over the years to be able to help more people fight more substance abuse problems in more versatile ways. If you are battling substance abuse, it is a good idea to check out a 12-step program with your local treatment center. It could wind up being the best decision you ever made.