Why Betterhelp is so Popular

In the world of online therapy, Betterhelp has made a name for itself by being the first company which provides e-counseling. Betterhelp was launched in the summer of 2013 and since then, it has helped millions of its customers to find the treatment for their mental issues and lead a fulfilling life.Estimating from the betterhelp review which are present in abundance on the net, it is obvious that Betterhelp is an effective way to solve your mental issues. But is it really authentic and safe? Following are some reasons as to why Betterhelp is so popular among people.

It is Easy to Use

At the official website of Betterhelp you will see that it is extremely easy to use. The sign up procedure is simple. You will have to answer a few questions about yourself such as your name, gender, age as well your recent sleep and eating patterns. In addition, you will be ask to state your problem and which issues it is related to, like for example family, sexuality or bullying by your peers. After filling the questionnaire with relevant and accurate information you will be paired up with a therapist. You can then decide on a medium of treatment with your therapist and see if it works for you.

It is available 24/7

One of the main reason why online therapy is so popular is because it is available at all times. Anyone with a stable internet connection can get professional help at one click. At Betterhelp, your therapist will be available to help you every time you need  and the chat room will remain open 24/7. According to the people who have use Betterhelp, you will receive a reply within few hours or even minutes of your text.

It is Safe

Betterhelp ensures the privacy of its customers at all cost. It makes sure that all the chat rooms, video calls and mails are kept secure and private.Your personal information is not shared with anyone other than your therapist and no one will be allowed to enter the chat rooms without your permission. You can rest assure that you can share your problems in a secure environment.

It is available on Mobile Apps

Most people use their smartphones to surf the web and mobile apps for social networking. Not many people visit the Betterhelp website and log in every time they enter. That’s why Betterhelp has made a mobile app which has a user-friendly interface and has made professional help much more accessible.